Party Packages

Our party packages are great for bachelorette parties, birthdays, corporate events and more!
SFPD offers a party package foundation with a variety of options so that you can customize your party. See customization options below.

Pole Party Package - $299

You can choose between a sexy style and fitness style class. The sexy style class is more focused on floor work - booty bouncing, hairography, dancing and spins. The fitness style is more focused on doing tricks, climbing and moving up the pole (think more gymnastics style). The itinerary for both classes is structured as follows: 20 minutes on a dance style warm up, 20 minutes spend on conditioning and inversion preparation, 20 minutes learning 2-3 spins, 20 minutes spent putting spins and floor choreography into a choreographed dance that we'll all do together, 10 minutes time for pictures and instructor performance.

Up to 10 guests

1.5 hours of party time

Aerial Party Package - $349

Our aerial parties will have you hanging from the sky. Each party includes a cardio-based warm up that will get your muscles ready to work. They we'll move into strength conditioning gymnastics style movement on and off the silks and lyras. The instructor will teach your party how to climb, practice inversion preparation, perform a foot lock and 2-3 tricks in the air. We leave plenty of time at the end for group pictures to demonstrate your new moves as well as an instructor performance of more advanced aerial dance movement. Please wear leggings and a bodysuit or a shirt that you can tuck into your pants. 

Up to 12 guests

1.5 hours of party time

Customization Options

Additional Guest (for any party package) - $35

30 Minutes Additional Party Time - $50

Party Photographer & Group Shots -$150

Champagne/Cupcakes - 50$ extra for each.

You are welcome to bring gifts and food and drinks. You will have time after your party to celebrate, eat and drink in our living room area after the party is over.

Note: You are welcome to bring your own champagne or wine for consumption *AFTER* class. If you arrive to class intoxicated, we will not be able to host your party. 


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