San Francisco Pole & Dance Manifesto

Welcome to San Francisco Pole & Dance! By stepping through these doors, you aren't just taking a fitness class, you are joining a community. As students, we grow together - uplifting each another with encouragement and unconditional support. We move against the grain of how society demands we behave, and practice our art according to five essential values.

  • Community. We learn from one another, sharing abundantly with the knowledge that we grow with each other.

  • Truth. We speak of ourselves with respect, celebrating the grace and power that our bodies and minds give us.

  • Progression. By working with where our bodies are at right now, we build the foundations that will allow us to perform even more gracefully and precisely tomorrow.

  • Play. We delight in a curious exploration of movement, embracing the pure enjoyment of dance.

  • Individualism. We observe and learn from one another, trusting that our differences and diversity create strength and beauty.